Social Acceptance and Awareness

The Social Chase is a program started by Helen Taylor, a mom, to organize fun events for late teens to young adults on the spectrum and with special abilities. It is a parent support group; parents must remain with The Social Chasers during the events.  We have "Free to Be Me" events at the bowling alley, go kart racing, board game nights, hockey games, and The Art of Yum cooking classes (


Helen also started The Social Chase program on Skye Cable XIII  as a platform to share about living with autism and special needs and abilities, social challenges, as well as provide educational information. Hosts Ali and Chase live on the spectrum.  The crew are local teenagers who received video/audio certification from Skye Cable Summer Bootcamp and a young man on the spectrum.

The Social Chase Show on Skye Cable XIII

Volunteer Host and Crew

The Social Chase Hosts and Crew

Hosts: Chase, Ali and Sarah


Crew:  Jaden, Michael, Jonathan, Sarah and Paul 

Executive Producer:  Helen Taylor

Episode 2 - Guests Helen Saunders and Kolyn with Hosts Ali and Chase. Continued Learn About Autism with Hosts Chase, Helen and Michael

Event (RSVPs required)



The Social Chase Board Game Night at Post University

Friday, February 19, 2020


Free To Be Me Wolcott Lane Bowling

Saturday, February 22, 2020


Social Chase Free to Be Me at the Brass City Raceway

Thursday, March 26, 2020


The Social Chase cable program on Skye Cable XIII - Guests Shannon Cavallo and The Lucatino family

Wednesday, February 29, 2020 at 7:30 p.m.


The Social Chase cable program on Skye Cable XIII - TBD

Wednesday, March 12, 2020 at 7:30 pm

Visit Private Facebook Page to RSVP

Episode 1 - Guest Christine Faressa, founder of Sun, Moons and Starts and Learn About Autism with Hosts Chase, Helen and Michael

Episode 3 - Segement 1: Guests Donna Swanson, co-founder of Focus Center for Autism with Cam. Segment 2: Darin D'Amico and his son Luca.  Hosts Chase and Helen 

Episode 4- Segement 1: Guest Tracey Foskey, founder of Total Joy are You in New Haven. Segment 2:  Guests Noreen Simmons and Darlene.  Hosts Chase, Ali and Helen 

Episode 5 - The Social Chase hosts, Sarah and Helen, welcomes Beau to share the inception of the Special Olympics Unified Sports, how it is all around the world, and the positive impacts of getting involved with Special Olympics. 

Episode 6 - 1. Hosts Chase and Ali with guest Shannon Cavallo  2. Host Ali with the Lucatino Family's (Team Giancarlo - Western Connecticut Autism Speaks Walk) autism journey with their son,