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Moving to a New Home When Your Child Is on the Autism Spectrum? Here’s How You Can Make it a Smooth Experience


Moving to a new home is rarely an easy process. And when you have a child who is on the autism spectrum, there are even more considerations to keep in mind. However, if you prepare beforehand, you can make the process much less stressful for everyone involved. Thanks to Jenny Wise, The Social Chase has some practical tips on how you can have a successful house-hunting, and moving experience when your child is on the spectrum.  


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Jenny Wise, the author of this article, is a homeschooling mom to four children, one of whom is autistic. She and her husband made the decision to home-educate when their oldest was four years old. She chronicles her family’s ups and downs in homeschooling on her site, Special Home Educator, as well as provides helpful homeschooling tips and resources.

The Social Chase hosts Helen and Chase had an open conversation with Dr. Jou and his Yale SPARK team Annie, Cheyanne, and Aniela about the SPARK research program. We discussed the Most Frequently Asked Questions to understand the benefit of the study and how YOU can make a difference in the autism community.


As a parent of an individual of a child of the spectrum I have angst about certain studies. I thought I cannot be the only one! I asked Dr. Roger Jou if we can interview him to discuss what people mostly ask about the study and a few of my inquires. We also thank the Arezzini family for sharing their experience participating in the study.


  • What is SPARK and why is it important? Who participates in SPARK?
  • How easy is it to participate in SPARK?
  • What is the time commitment?
  • How long before I receive the results?
  • Is it safe to give a saliva sample in the time of COVID-19?
Upcoming Interviews on The Social Chase on YouTube at:


  • Shannon and Jack Knall, Mother and teen son on the spectrum
  • Audra Talbert, Bristol Special Education PTO and mother of two children on the spectrum
  • Beth Lambert, BCBA and mom of adult child on the spectrum
  • Meghan and Justyna, BCBAs and founders of The Hangout Spot for individuals with special needs
  • Julie Swanson, Co-Author of Your Special Education Rights and mother of non-verbal adult austic son

The Social Chase Show on Skye Cable XIII

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The Social Chase Hosts and Crew Chase, Ali and Sarah Crew:  Jaden, Michael, Jonathan, Sarah and Paul 

Executive Producer:  Helen Taylor

Episode 1 - Guest Christine Faressa, founder of Sun, Moons and Starts and Learn About Autism with Hosts Chase, Helen and Michael

Episode 3 - Segment 1: Guests Donna Swanson, co-founder of Focus Center for Autism with Cam. Segment 2: Darin D'Amico and his son Luca.  Hosts Chase and Helen 

Episode 5 - The Social Chase hosts, Sarah and Helen, welcomes Beau to share the inception of the Special Olympics Unified Sports, how it is all around the world, and the positive impacts of getting involved with Special Olympics. 

Episode 8-1 - Hosts Chase and Sarah interviewing guest Helen Pappas. Helen shares her passion for photography and inspires us with good advice about self advocating. Helen was also selected for Autism Speaks' Spectrum Spotlights.

Episode 9 - Hosts Chase and Sarah  interview Audra Mae Talbot. Audra is a mother of two children who are autistic, military wife and an autism advocate.

Episode 2 - Guests Helen Saunders and Kolyn with Hosts Ali and Chase. Continued Learn About Autism with Hosts Chase, Helen and Michael

Episode 4- Segment 1: Guest Tracey Foskey, founder of Total Joy are You in New Haven. Segment 2:  Guests Noreen Simmons and Darlene.  Hosts Chase, Ali and Helen 

Episode 6 - 1. Hosts Chase and Ali with guest Shannon Cavallo  2. Host Ali with the Lucatino Family's (Team Giancarlo - Western Connecticut Autism Speaks Walk) autism journey with their son, 

Episode 7 - Hosts Chase and Ali talked with Judith Ursitti, mom, advocate and the Director of State Government Affairs with Autism Speaks, about the journey with her son Jack who has severe autism, non-verbal and a intellectual disability. Andrew Arboe shares about his experience in learning how to drive and how he advocates for individuals on the spectrum. Andrew Komarow discovered he has autism as an adult and he is helping others on the spectrum with financial knowledge and valuable information about autism on his website

Episode 8-2 - Hosts Chase and Sarah welcome Peter Klein, founder/developer of the Peter was inspired to start his own website to help others find resources and activities for individuals with special needs. Peter is also a Special Olympics athlete.

Episode 10 - Hosts Chase and Sarah The Social Chase Episode 10 with Guests Meghan Cave, M.Ed. BCBA LBA (CT) and Justyna Balzar, M.Ed. BCBA LBA (CT),founders of The Hangout Spot, LLC