Social Acceptance and Awareness

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About us


Organizing fun events for our late teens to young adults on the spectrum and with special needs led by parent support.  Spreading awareness and acceptance of those living with autism and special needs. 

Our loved one's on the autism spectrum and special needs do not have the same opportunities/programs to socialize and be accepted.  While I would bring Chase (sometimes his friends too)to different municipalities such as New Haven, Plainville, Wallingford, Cheshire, Torrington, etc. for social activities, I knew there were youth in the Waterbury area that would enjoy having fun with others.  Alan and I even contacted local non-profit organizations to start a social program but to no avail.

So, we planned to start a non-profit organization, The Social Chase,  about 10 years ago due to the lack of programs; however, my schedule was just too much.

I figured I don't need to be a non-profit organization, I just needed to determine a way to use existing resources.  I contacted Autism Speaks and Post University to collaborate on being part of the local community.  I also contacted the local restaurant, The Art of Yum and Hardcore Cupcakes to have events for our youth and the concept was positively accepted. 

Of course, the parents being part of this journey made The Social Chase social group possible. Thank you!